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This is a comparison of my writing from the beginning and end of the year. These are both “list” type of writings and they are definitely different. Since the beginning of the year, I have learned how to elaborate a lot more. I have also learned how to put in more effort and make my posts longer. Now, after blogging for a few months, I feel more comfortable posting my writing and less shy about it. I’m glad I have become a better blogger because it has widened my writing experience.

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Seventh Grade

When I first walked through the big green doors in August I expected an easier year than last year. Soon, I realized that that was not to be the case. By October, I had finally settled into a routine schedule. I had a good group of friends, a secure spot on my cheer team, and I was going to practice everyday. Besides that, I spent all other free time working on my homework. Eventually, I figured out that I had to choose a top priority and I couldn’t do everything, so cheer became that priority.

This year I have learned a lot, like being organized is necessary, and staying caught up with all work is very important. I’ve also learned a lot of important life lessons. For instance, I learned that pain is only temporary. No matter how bad you are in pain, mental or physical, it always eventually gets better. Along with this I found out that hard work is always worth it. This season in cheer, I had a broken ankle most the season that I had to ignore to be able to compete. I was in so much pain the entire time, and doing all the workouts was torture, but it was all worth it in the end. My team won southern nationals, and we went on to win The One Nationals.

If I had to do this year again, I would care less about everything and try to just enjoy the days more. I wouldn’t try as hard at everything and I would just let things happen. My advice to the incoming seventh graders is for them to know that most things they think are required for their survival aren’t; having the “in style” clothes and being up to date with everything wont matter in even two months from now.

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Trick or Treating

On Halloween in sixth grade, I went trick or treating with Madison. It was really fun. This was the second year in a row I went with her. It was like a new tradition!

First, before we went to the neighborhood for our candy, we went to 2 parties. Both the parties were in Madison’s neighborhood, hosted by friends. The parties were really fun and had lots of yummy food. I enjoyed the pumpkin cookies because I really like pumpkin flavored deserts. At the first party, there was a piñata where we collected lots of candy.


After we trick or treated for a while, I got super tired of my long dress and sandals so I decided to take them off. I was really smart and wore shorts and a tanktop underneath so I could take it off. For the rest of the night I ran around “dressed as myself”.

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Poem- “Deep in our Refrigerator” Jack Prelutsky

Deep in our refrigerator,
there’s a special place
for food that’s been around awhile . . .
we keep it, just in case.
“It’s probably too old to eat,”
my mother likes to say.
“But I don’t think it’s old enough
for me to throw away.”


It stays there for a month or more
to ripen in the cold,
and soon we notice fuzzy clumps
of multicolored mold.
The clumps are larger every day,
we notice this as well,
but mostly what we notice
is a certain special smell.


When finally it all becomes
a nasty mass of slime,
my mother takes it out, and says,
“Apparently, it’s time.”
She dumps it in the garbage can,
though not without regret,
then fills the space with other food
that’s not so ancient yet



This Poem by Jack Prelutsky is my favorite. Prelutsky is a well known and accomplished Children’s poet. He has many books and a book on poetry writing for kids called “Pizza, Pigs and Poetry”.  When I was in elementary school he was my favorite poet and still is. This is my favorite of his poems because he describes the molding food perfectly. I know what moldy food is like because I accidentally used to always leave my dinner plates outside when I would go out to play. Also, I can relate to my mom keeping food in the fridge for long periods of time then those being replaced by new foods. My mom never leaves the food long enough for it to mold or rot, but she leaves it in there for a long, long time.

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Challenge Week 5: Media and a Memory



When I was little, I could not live without watching the late 90’s Nickelodeon cartoon, CatDog. If I wasn’t watching it, I was running around with the bright-orange VCR tape in my backpack. 

From the first time I saw the video I thought it was the most exciting, funny show I had ever seen. I was in love with the fact that the main character had been a Half-Dog-Half-Cat creature that ran around the city getting into all kinds of trouble. There was six episodes on this particular tape that I could’ve quoted every line of. Today, I can still sing the whole opening song to the first episode.

I watched this tape so much my parents had to end up buying the copy from the Blockbuster we rented it at. I didn’t even let go of it long enough for them to take it back and explain, they had to go in empty handed. Without having the show in my life, I would not have had a childhood. Not only did it provide lots of entertainment and laughs, it also provided countless hours of my dad and I bonding over watching it together.


Student blogging challenge, Favorite apps

These are a few of my most favorite apps! They are not in an kind of order, just listed how I saw them on my phone. If you also use – or try – any of these apps please let me know in the comments, and also tell me how you use them!


1. Twitter- I really enjoy using my twitter app because it makes communicating with others really easy and fast. Also, I love going through my feed. On a typical lazy day you can find me, wrapped up in my grey, fuzzy snuggy, laughing to myself about something @whalefacts tweeted. I’m usually laughing so hard my mom will look up from her book wondering what could possibly be so funny.


2. Instagram- Yes, another social media app. Instagram is great to being able to see the daily lives and activities of my friends. My favorite part of Instagram is being able to find information and inspiration for almost anything. You can search up a certain hashtag and find thousands of pictures relating to that topic. I couldn’t live without being able to find fun new recipies to cook and share with my family.


3. Snapchat- Snapchat is possibly my favorite app. It’s so much fun to be able to communicate through pictures. Having conversations by taking captioned pictures of my cat or dinner plate is one of the most enjoyable ways for me to have a conversation.


4. Quiz Up- Finally, a game. But Quiz Up isn’t just any game, it’s the playing with friends and strangers kind of game. Quiz Up has over 400 topics to challenge your knowledge on. You can play with someone anywhere in the world, or with your bestfriend in the other room. It’s a great challenge to test what you know about topics you love.


5. IMessage- Yet another communication app. All  my apps I’ve listed involve some sort of “socialness”, but what better way to be social online than through texting. Next to phone talking, texting is probably the most personal form of communicating through a device.

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Blog Challenge Activity #3

If you are visiting Texas there are many things to do. Lots of music, foods, and outdoor sights. You could go visit Barton Springs in Austin, or see the Alamo in San Antonio. But, my favorite place is the Roundtop, Texas shopping fair.


Roundtop is is not well known so that is one reason I love it so much. Roundtop isn’t usually crazy packed with people so it is easy to walk around and find what you want. The shops never run out of products and most prices are cheap so you can always find a good deal.


Another reason Roundtop is my favorite Texas place is: there is always a yummy smell in the air. Kettle corn is constantly being made in huge kettles, so the smell drifts along with the blowing wind. Many shops also have things like spices, perfumes, or soaps to smell. They always have out samples to try with scents ranging from cinnamon to flowery. The smells are probably my favorite part of Roundtop.


Roundtop is my favorite place by far to be in Texas. It represents Texas in many ways and brings toms of people together to share the love of shopping. Every year I plan on being at the festival and hope to have others join me!


The Lair Below


Down below, in a dark, lonely world a huge organ stands exposed. Softly, the keys are tapped to make sounds in perfect harmony with the creatures in the steaming lake. The sounds of squeaks and scuttles echo off the walls of the haunted hall and bounce into my ears. 

The smell of rotting material and molding walls fills my node and forces me to hold my breath. The Phantom cackles and I can feel the vibrations rattling my ribs. The sound makes my heart drop into the pit of my stomach and I feel a little dizzy and I continue to creep though the dungeon. The only light source are few flickering candles screwed into the wall.

As I continue forward, cool breezes skim across my neck as I tiptoe to the abandon throne. A mask sits alone on the chair, begging me to put it on. I pick up the white piece of clothing and I delicately place it around my head. Instantly, I disappear, like the myth of the phantom so many years ago. 

Photo Credit: seyed mostafa zamani via Compfight



When night comes

When night comes things become very different.

When night comes the sky goes black and the birds settle down.


Night is one of my most favorite things because it’s always gorgeous. You can go outside into the breezy, blowing air and smell the season. As the night continues on you can start to hear the sounds of cicada bug. Night also makes your senses come alive, you’ll notice things like you never have before and appreciate them further.

Going out with friends at night is the best feeling, it’s wonderful to know you can share the amazingness with someone else. I love sitting on the grass and looking into the stars wondering which ones are planets. It’s nice to be able to take a break from the constant rush of life and slow down, even if it’s only a few hours.

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Being Sick

Laying around for days straight, nothing to do, in pain and being uncomfortable is one of the worst things. Sickness will come and go with everyone, It’s a terrible but common occurance.


Being sick is terrible because you never know when you will get better. You will lay around for days upon days groaning in pain with one thing on your mind: the fact that you are sick. As the hours pass and you aren’t getting better you even start to wonder if you will ever be well again.


In addition, being sick can cause you to be in more pain than just your immediate issue. It starts with the pain in your stomach from whatever virus you have. This will cause you to lay down to relive some of the pressure in your stomach, after a few long hours your entire  body starts starts to ache and nothing feels right anymore. Also, if you don’t eat or drink enough you can get massive head aches.


Overall, being sick is my least favorite thing ever and having to lay around and do nothing for a couple days is even worse than having  to go to school.


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